The GZR Social (Gee-Zer) Social Network was initially designed as an online digital global networking marketplace to share fascinating stories, read creative posts, discover important news updates and connect with all your family and friends in one place. Our sole goal at the forefront has always been to connect the entire world and ultimately unify all humanity. Powered by the vision of promoting world peace, culture diversity, innovative ideas and equality enhancement. GZR Social has now emerged into an incredible place to discover great unique people across the globe. You can find public figures, musicians, artists, politicians, entertainers and more within our community — and we take gride pride in sharing this fact. Today, there are literally billions of emerging individuals alike who possess incredible skills and talents that the world should see. Our community then becomes a resource and outlet to discover such. In addition GZR Social allows users to find businesses, companies, corporations, new friends, share stories, explore what’s happening around you, connect with your friends and family. Most importantly we are always free to sign up and always will be. Click here to join the community now and start discovering great things.

Why ‘No App’?

Because we said so…Haha, just kidding! At the peak of our sole mission of helping to connect our entire world around us through social discovery, we want our entire platform to be fully accessible to everyone across the globe. In pioneering a new approach to world communication — We decided to stick with a Web Based vision. This approach gives instant usability to anyone, anytime and anywhere on earth. If you have a wi-fi connection, mobile device, Pc, laptop, tablet or even an Apple Watch device, you can access our digital platform. Even more to love is since there’s ‘No App’, we’ve eliminated the need to be in a specific country, region or location to access our entire marketplace. We’ve even added a built-in language translator, also paired with your web browsers translation abilities — So no matter what language you speak, you’ll always understand social connections and what’s happening all around you. Furthermore, being able to withhold a secure, stable and sufficient social networking platform, has become harder and harder to master. Facebook alone, has had several cyber attacks and network breaches take head to their social platform. To us, this is incredibly unacceptable. We believe one of the sole purposes behind this, is Facebook being left openly vulnerable to such attacks do to their mobile app. Mobile apps connect with many different networks and open data transmission properties. Thus being open and vulnerable to brutal attacks. GZR Social’s world wide web connection approach is much more stable, secure and fire-walled with a traditional concept. We even send our notifications, alerts, GZR Social digests and all updates to your secure email — just so you are assured that only you are getting the message, while also knowing that only we are the very one’s sending it.

How is GZR Social different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc?

We tend to see this question arise quite often. How are we ‘different’ than other social media platforms that may exist today. Great question. Simply speaking — In every way! The GZR Social Network was created with a much more unique purpose, mission and approach. Our purpose continues to aim towards global unification as our vision. We believe strongly in main stream trends and the ‘Happening Now’ scene, however we still serve to keep human empowerment at the forefront. With this in mind, we always keep our social practices and ethics built around this aspect. Our approach is traditional, yet profoundly years ahead with a perspective much deeper and smarter in spectrum. Sure we provide the general fundamentals we all know and love, such as posting a status, liking a photo, re-sharing posts and connecting with other users — but we have taken these features much further. With GZR animated reactions, you can express your feelings towards posts, photos, videos and more with a “Flex, Fire or even a Say Whaaat” reaction. These such reactions have never been available before on any other social media platform before us. Even further, users are able to comment with funny and exciting GIF’s built right into the user interface. What’s even more cool is that our platform is fully digital and web based. There’s no app! We do understand the crucial benefits of providing an mobile application to our users — and you can rest assure that one is very much so in development. However, for the time being our team at GZR Social Network has ultimately decided to adhere to being an online web based community. The current benefit to this is the global availability and accessibility from all across the world. Unlike an mobile app, that would need to be coded, developed and licensed separately for depending the specific country or region, websites are more easily accessible. With our custom built-in Google Translate tools, the entire Great Sport Digital and GZR Social Network is available in over 50 different languages also. We didn’t just stop there — we have designed our platform to be intuitive and user friendly whether using mobile devices or PC’s equally. What’s great about our mobile version, is that we created a mobile web app, tailored specifically to run and operate as a stand alone mobile app. Thus allowing users to add to their homepage. This distributes an ‘GS App’ icon on your devices homepage. Once in the ‘GS App’, this will function as a full fledge mobile application. No need to use Safari, Google Chrome for Mobile or any other mobile web browser. The app works by itself. Quick, easy and fluid.  With this being said, GZR is much more than meets the eye.

Who can join the GZR Social community?

Everyone! — and anyone. Here at the GZR Social, we take great honor in allowing our community platform to be an open source marketplace for the entire world, regardless of sex, race, religion or region. Today, we have all different likes of users from college students, athletes, models, artists and even simple collective people who just want to be apart of a great community and support. In addition, our platform is open to schools, businesses, companies, organizations, corporate entities and much more. GZR is an amazing place for discovery. Discover emerging musicians, bloggers and even upcoming actors. It’s all here.  Ultimately, the entire world will one day utilize GZR for their social networking venture. We do have a policy in place in which users must be at-least 13 years of age or older in order to sign up and create a profile. In some cases, our system may allow users to sign up even so. We are always pro-actively making sure that all accounts adhere to the necessary age requirement. We immediately ban, remove and suspend any/all accounts that may get pass the profile registration the moment our system alerts such. Further more, any email associated with that account will also be blacklisted, prohibiting a repeat use of the email associated being used again in the future.

Is my privacy truly protected?

Absolutely, 100%! Our team is extremely vigilant and serious when it comes to privacy and user information. On the backend, our developers work around the clock to fight against any brute force attempts, hackers, spam accounts, malware, and malicious behavior. We continue to perform such protocols on a consistent routine basis assuring the safety of our platform. In addition, we are always performing account spam checks, bot scans and more to minimize and eliminate the creation and use of fake accounts, imposter accounts and potentially harmful behavior happening within the GZR Social Network platform. We do not share any of your personal information. We do not solicit or use any users information for any unethical or illegal practices or behavior. Occasionally, our team may need to reach out to our users with guideline updates, policy updates, important updates and community announcements that are imperative and required by law. This is as far as our team goes with your information.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns regarding privacy and/or privacy protection please feel free to reach out to us at or read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.



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