Scientists Are Teaching the Body to Accept New Organs

01/24/2019 U.S.

It was not the most ominous sign of health trouble, just a nosebleed that would not stop. So in February 2017, Michael Schaffer, who is 60 and lives near Pittsburgh, went first to a local emergency room, then to a hospital where a doctor finally succeeded in cauterizing a tiny cut in his nostril. Then the doctor told Mr. Schaffer something he never expected to hear: “You need a liver transplant.” Mr. Schaffer had no idea his liver was failing.Read More

Arrest of Immigrant Suspected in 4 Nevada Killings Draws Trump’s Attention

01/23/2019 U.S.

On the night of Jan. 10, someone walked into a home tucked near the forests that blanket Nevada’s northwest border and fatally shot 56-year-old Connie Koontz, the authorities said. Three days later, again under the cover of darkness, someone walked into another Douglas County home about a mile up the road and shot and killed Sophia Renken, 74. Then, three days after that, Washoe County sheriff’s deputies searched a home about 40 miles farther north on La Guardia Lane. There,Read More

The Artist Who Cooks Lunch for His Studio (Almost) Every Day

01/21/2019 U.S.

For the mixed-media artist Xavier Veilhan, the studio is not only a place of work, it is also a place for living. While he notes that many of his peers in the visual-art world have rejected the convention of the studio to “work on airplanes and outsource their production,” he has adopted the opposite approach: “I do not have a fancy home or a beach house, I have this studio instead.” In 2007, he collaborated with the French architecture firmRead More

Americans Killed in Syria Were No Strangers to War

01/19/2019 U.S.

The deployments provided, he said, “the same adrenaline rush as the military.” “Most of us need that in our lives once we have served in that tempo and at the highest level in our militaries,” Mr. Kahu said. “It never goes away.” An Interpreter With Roots in Syria ImageGhadir TaherCreditvia Mary Trachian-Bradley Ghadir Taher, 27, was an Arabic interpreter from East Point, Ga., who was working in Syria for Valiant Integrated Services, a defense contractor. Ms. Taher was born inRead More

A Beloved Provence-Based Wicker Workshop Comes to Paris

01/18/2019 U.S.

In 2016, Atelier Vime, a Provence-based antiques dealer and wicker workshop, was established in an old hôtel particulier in the village of Vallabrègues, France. Though it’s far from any passing foot traffic, within a matter of months the brand’s wicker and rattan furniture had caught the attention of interior designers, including Pierre Yovanovitch, Charles Zana and David Netto. “Instagram is how people found us,” says Anthony Watson, who started Atelier Vime with his partner in life and business, Benoit Rauzy,Read More



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