Food you have to try in Italy

01/23/2019 Travel

Today’s blog post is written by Mia Saracusa. Mia is a senior at The Ohio State University and an STA Travel Student Ambassador. She studied abroad her sophomore year and is a lover of European adventures. Here are some of her recommendations on foods you have to try while in Italy. Food to try in Florence Bistecca alla Fiorentina At the end of a long day of sight-seeing, you’re going to want to sit down and eat everything in sight.Read More

A Student Guide to New Zealand: places to visit, places to eat and places to party

01/17/2019 Travel

If you’re considering studying abroad to expand your horizons and experience an unforgettable semester away, New Zealand needs to be at the top of your list. Why New Zealand you might ask? Is it their infamous wine country or world-class coffee? Their massive sheep population that boasts a sheep to human ratio of six sheep for every one person (holy sheep!)? Or maybe, New Zealand being the true “Middle Earth” from Lord of The Rings is what sparks your interestRead More

7 New Zealand South Island Destinations You Must Visit

01/16/2019 Travel

Today’s blog is brought to you by our student ambassador, Alyssa Tran, from the University of California, Riverside. After catching the oh so familiar travel bug that hits every student after their first study abroad, she’s here to tell us all about her top 7 trips you NEED to see in any trip to New Zealand’s South Island.   New Zealand is undoubtedly the most beautiful country I have ever visited. Just imagine the most beautiful forests you’ve ever seen inRead More

6 reasons to pair a tour with your Australia semester abroad

01/16/2019 Travel

So you’re planning your study abroad in Australia… your visa’s been granted. Your saving is going… okay. You’ve put your deposit down on your Air New Zealand flights. You’ve already selected the classes your taking. What now? Do you sit and apply for internships or jobs in your chosen city of residence? Look for your university’s (also called ‘uni’ in Oz) dorm options or hit Google on the apartment hunt? Find people to share a house with? Research how toRead More

7 food tips when in Greece

01/15/2019 Travel

When studying abroad in Greece what should you look forward to most… is it the beaches? Is it the language? Is it the ruins? While we’re a fan of all of those, let’s be honest with ourselves. We travel to Greece for… THE FOOD. Anyone headed to Greece knows that delicious eating is definitely expected, and maybe you’ve even heard of souvlaki, gyros, or kebab (all musts after a day exploring the city). But before you get on filling your stomachRead More



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