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Hacienda Healthcare nurse charged with sexually assaulting woman in vegetative state who gave birth

01/23/2019 Top Stories

Nathan Sutherland, a licensed practical nurse who was caring for the woman at the Hacienda HealthCare facility, has been arrested and is being booked on preliminary charges of sexual assault and vulnerable-adult abuse, Williams said. Sutherland’s DNA “matched the baby” when crime lab technicians tested it Tuesday, Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. Caretakers of the woman were taken by surprise by the December 29 birth, with one telling a 911 dispatcher, “We had no idea she was pregnant.” TheRead More

Trump sees the wall as a monument to himself

01/22/2019 Top Stories

About the wall, for instance. Consider this from Trump during the campaign in 2015, explaining the rationale for his favorite edifice: “What I do best in life, I build. … I want it to be so beautiful because maybe someday they’ll call it ‘The Trump Wall.’ Maybe. If they call this ‘The Trump Wall,’ it has to be beautiful.” There you go. The wall, for the President, is a monument. To himself. A visible legacy of his achievement; an exampleRead More

TSA says ‘many employees’ not able to work because of financial conditions

01/21/2019 Top Stories

“Yesterday’s complete figures show that TSA experienced a national rate of 10 percent of unscheduled absences compared to a 3.1 percent rate one year ago on the same day, Jan. 20, 2018,” the TSA said in a statement Monday. “Many employees are reporting that they are not able to report to work due to financial limitations.” As CNN previously reported, TSA screeners have called out from work through the shutdown, and the problem has taken on heightened attention as theRead More

This is Donald Trump’s economy, two years in

01/20/2019 Top Stories

An enormous tax cut and continued spending growth added rocket fuel to a slow recovery that started in 2010 in the wake of the financial crisis. At the same time, an array of tariffs have upended supply chains and raised prices, throwing businesses into a fog of uncertainty. A year ago, Trump could still have laid blame for the condition of the economy on his predecessor. Today, it’s his to own, for better or worse. “Net-net we’re doing slightly better,Read More

Trump expected to propose extending DACA, TPS protections in exchange for wall funding

01/19/2019 Top Stories

The President’s latest offer, which he is set to deliver from the White House Saturday at 4 p.m. ET, will link his demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall to the BRIDGE Act, legislation that would extend protections for so-called “Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as children and are covered by the DACA program. The compromise proposal would also allow immigrants covered by Temporary Protected Status — some of whose protections Trump has rescinded — toRead More



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