Launch Photos! Blue Origin’s New Shepard Soars on NS-10 Flight for NASA

01/24/2019 Space

Blue Origin Flies Again! On Jan. 23, 2019, the private spaceflight company Blue Origin launched its New Shepard rocket and capsule on NS-10, its tenth mission yet, and aced a landing. See launch photos here! On the Pad In this view, New Shepard stands atop the launchpad on the eve of launch. A Plume of Smoke Here’s a closer view of New Shepard just 10 seconds after the launch sequence initiated. A Scenic View Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket soarsRead More

NASA Research Center Inspires NBA All-Star Paul George’s New Nike Sneakers

01/23/2019 Space

The Nike PG 3 X NASA is inspired by NBA All-Star Paul George’s hometown, Palmdale, Calif., and its connection to NASA. Credit: Nike A professional basketball player’s personal connection to NASA has given rise to a new pair of sneakers. The Nike PG 3 X NASA shoes draw their design cues from the birthplace shared by five-time NBA All-Star Paul George and NASA’s historic space shuttle fleet. “I grew up in Palmdale, California, which has a bigRead More

Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019! Amazing Photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse

01/21/2019 Space

Maximum Eclipse Credit: Griffith Observatory The moon glows red at the peak of the total lunar eclipse on Jan. 21, 2019 at 12:12 a.m. EST (0512 GMT) in this view from a telescope at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. A Timelapse View Astrophotographer Zaid Abbadi created this composite of the total lunar eclipse using images he captured from Amman, Jordan. Partial Eclipse Credit: James McCue/The Virtual Telescope Project James McCue of The Virtual Telescope Project shared this viewRead More

A Look at Famous Lunar Eclipses in History

01/20/2019 Space

On the evening of Jan. 20 and early morning Jan. 21, the moon will undergo a total eclipse visible over all of the Americas. Today such a spectacle provides good opportunities to judge the clarity of our atmosphere based on the brightness and color of the eclipsed moon, to observe the Earth’s shadow passing over prominent lunar craters, and to simply stare into the sky at a beautiful celestial show.  But eclipses in the ancient (and not soRead More

A Memorable Plot Twist Dominates ‘The Orville’ Episode ‘Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes’

01/19/2019 Space

Spoilers, dead ahead! Straight out of the starting blocks, this episode, called “Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes,” looks interesting. Lt. Tharl (Patrick Warburton) makes a welcome return to the bridge, brandishing his unique brand of still-awkward-new-crewmember humor and proving that this could be developed into something very amusing. We very much hope he doesn’t disappear too soon.  And seconds later, another surprise — dark-matter scientist Lt. Janel Tyler (Michaela McManus) pops up, despite not being listedRead More



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