A Common Gum Infection Bacteria May Also be Causing Alzheimer’s

01/24/2019 Earth

P. gingivalis can destroy gums and cause tooth loss. In infected mice, it also led to Alzheimer’s hallmark amyloid beta plaque.(Credit: Cortexyme, Inc.) In a new study out Wednesday, scientists reveal yet another reason to keep up on dental hygiene. Bacteria that cause a common yet largely preventable gum infection may also play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. The discovery also offers hope for a treatment that could slow neurodegeneration. “There were many clues in the [features of Alzheimer’s disease]Read More

In a Series of Experiments, Scientists Are Learning How to Farm on Mars

01/23/2019 Earth

The study was conducted in a climate-regulated growth chamber in the Netherlands. (Credit:Silje Wolff, NTNU Social Research (CIRiS)) (Inside Science) — Scientists in Norway and the Netherlands may have brought us closer to workable space farms, which experts agree are necessary if astronauts are ever going to reach Mars. “Astronauts stay on the International Space Station for six months and they can bring everything they need in either freeze-dried or vacuum packs, but the next goal for all space agenciesRead More

Radio Jets from the Milky Way’s Black Hole Could be Pointing Right at Earth

01/22/2019 Earth

This image shows different views of Sagittarius A. The top two images are simulations of its scattered and unscattered light, while the bottom two show real images taken by a telescope array. (Credit: S. Issaoun, M. Mościbrodzka, Radboud University/ M. D. Johnson, CfA) We’ve spent decades trying to decode our supermassive black hole, but crucial clues could’ve been in front of us all along. Using an array of 13 radio telescopes, astronomers from the Max Planck Institute were able toRead More

Bullied Into Bad Science? – Neuroskeptic

01/21/2019 Earth

There’s been an interesting discussion on Twitter about senior scientists who pressure their students or postdocs into scientific misconduct or otherwise poor science: Bullying students into providing the “right” results: research misconduct by proxy? This is probably among the worst but receives little attention — Simon Eickhoff (@INM7_ISN) January 19, 2019 Today, I was made aware of a site called Bullied Into Bad Science which aims to tackle this problem. Founded by behavioral ecologist Corina Logan, the initiative aims toRead More

Here’s How to Watch Sunday’s Total Lunar Eclipse

01/20/2019 Earth

Sixty-two breathtaking minutes of totality highlight the five-hour total lunar eclipse the night of January 20/21. A total eclipse of the moon will be visible in its entirety across North and South America this weekend. For more than an hour the night of January 20/21, the colors from all Earth’s sunrises and sunsets bathe the Full moon in an ethereal orange glow. As sunlight passes through Earth’s atmosphere, our blanket of air strips out the short-wavelength blues and yellows andRead More



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