How to plan for taxes in retirement

10/26/2018 Business

How can I best plan for a tax efficient retirement? For many retirees, even those who have meticulously planned their retirement income, the amount of taxes they are expected to pay may come as an unwelcome surprise. It’s understandable. This is a new form of income that they may not be familiar with. “Sometimes they think that because they are retirees, they don’t have to pay income taxes. Then they are surprised,” says Chris Chen, a certified financial planner atRead More

How can I protect my investments from inflation?

10/12/2018 Business

How can I protect my investments against inflation? Even as your investments increase in value, inflation can eat away at what they’re worth. There are things investors can do to hedge the immediate effects of inflation, or earn a return that outpaces inflation over time. But it can be hard to predict. “After-inflation returns are the only ones that matter for investors in the real world,” says Robinson Crawford, an investment adviser with Montebello Avenue. Even if inflation is currentlyRead More

5 things to know before the bell

10/11/2018 Business

Click chart for more in-depth data. 1. Aston Martin IPO: Aston Martin is joining the ranks of listed automakers with an IPO that values the British company at more than $5 billion. The favorite carmaker of fictional British secret service agent James Bond has priced its shares at £19.00 ($24.70), giving it a valuation of £4.3 billion ($5.6 billion). The final share price is 16% below the top of the range that Aston Martin had targeted, reflecting investor doubts aboutRead More

Toys ‘R’ Us brand may be brought back to life

10/10/2018 Business

The company closed all of its US stores in June as part of a bankruptcy liquidation. But the owners of the company’s remaining assets are looking into restarting the business, as well as the related Babies “R” Us brand, the company disclosed in a court filing this week. Toys “R” Us had planned to auction off the rights to its name and the Babies “R” Us brand. Bidders had already made offers for them, according to the filing. But theRead More

Getting health insurance through work now costs nearly $20,000

10/10/2018 Business

Although premiums have increased fairly modestly in recent years, the growth has far outpaced workers’ raises over time. The average family premium has increased 55% since 2008, twice as fast as workers’ wages and three times as fast as inflation, Kaiser’s Employer Health Benefits Survey found. Companies pick up most of the tab, shelling out $14,100 a year, on average. Still, workers have to pay an average of $5,550, up 65% from a decade ago. For single coverage, total premiumsRead More



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