Detroit Packard plant’s bridge collapses

01/24/2019 Automobile

It was a bridge that once was so cool, it was part of a vehicle assembly line — a symbol of an era when Detroit could build or do just about anything. But now the bridge at the massive derelict Packard plant has collapsed onto the roadway below. It crashed down onto East Grand Boulevard around 3 p.m. Wednesday. It was old and decrepit, sure, but officials also think that weather and temperature extremes took their toll. “Our contractors onRead More

Say goodbye to snow with a heated driveway

01/23/2019 Automobile

Say goodbye to snow with a heated driveway. Heated driveway systems from WarmlyYours make shoveling snow a thing of the past. The system works by directly embedding heating coils into asphalt or concrete. Cover your entire driveway or just a portion. Heating mat coils are rolled out. Asphalt is layered over coils and gently paved. A complete snow melting system includes snow melting mats and a melting control unit. Available from 120 to 277 volts depending on the application. PricingRead More

Geely FY11 revealed as first Geely built on shared Volvo platform

01/22/2019 Automobile

A couple of years ago, Geely and Volvo announced they were collaborating on a new platform to underpin vehicles to be built by both brands. Parent company Geely has officially released photos of what it made with these jointly-developed underpinnings: the FY11. Yes, we’re sure you’re as inspired by that name as we are. Anyway, the FY11 appears to be one of those coupe SUV things that are so popular nowadays. Like a lot of other Chinese vehicles, this oneRead More

First 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 auctions for $1.1 million

01/21/2019 Automobile

Any time there is a highly anticipated limited-edition performance car, a collectible is instantly born when the first example rolls of the assembly line. For fanatics and historians, it’s not enough just to have one, it has to be the first one ever created. The two biggest stars of the recent 2019 North American International Auto Show once again proved the case at the auction house over the weekend. After the first 2020 Supra built brought in more than $2Read More

2020 Toyota Supra VIN 1 sells for over $2 million

01/20/2019 Automobile

All of a sudden, that low mileage ’93 Supra seems like a good deal at $100,000. Why? Well, the first 2020 Toyota Supra to roll off the production line just sold for $2.1 million at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. It’s a Launch Edition painted in matte gray, and all proceeds for the auction go to the American Heart Association and Bob Woodruff Foundation. Certainly being a charity car, and the first of its kind drove up the price, but thisRead More



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